How Cub Scouting Works

How Does Cub Scouting Work?

One unique thing about Cub Scouting is that you, as their family, join in on the program with your child, and you will help them along the way. The family is the basis of Cub Scouting. Children have a different set of requirements at each grade level. As they advance through the requirements by working on activities with you and the den, they will earn badges and other recognition that they can wear on their uniform.

The Cub Scouting program takes place at two levels. Your child will be a part of a den, a small group of children in the same grade level. Most Dens meet two or three times per month as scheduled by the Den Leaders. All dens, from grades K through 5, make up the Pack which meets at least once a month.

Den Size and Structure

Regardless of age level, a den should consist of six to eight boys or six to eight girls. Dens are either all-boy or all-girl. In many packs, there will be one or more dens for each grade level: Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos, and Arrow of Light. A smaller pack might combine first- and second-year Webelos Scouts. Lions and Tigers always have their own den because of their unique program structure. Dens of more than eight members are not encouraged. Here are the grade and age requirements for each den:

Cub Scout Pack 728

The Pack is led by the Cubmaster and made up of Dens led by Den Leaders. Dens typically meet once or twice a month in addition to a monthly Pack meeting. This is the culmination of the monthly den meetings and activities. There are games, skits, songs, ceremonies, and presentations of badges and awards that children earned during that month. The pack, including families and siblings, also participates in other special events throughout the year, including:

Pack Committee

Pack committee members are volunteers and perform administrative functions of the pack. The committee meets monthly with the den leaders to discuss and plan pack activities, fundraising, leader training, and advancement. All parent/adult partners are invited to attend pack committee meetings. Here is a snapshot of how the pack is organized:

Pack Communications

Our pack utilizes a Google Groups mailing list to communicate all information. Simply email the Cubmaster to be added to our communications group.

Tracking Scout Advancement and Participation

Pack 728 utilizes Scoutbook to track and administer awards. You will receive a link once your scout is registered and from there you will provide login information and update your profile, including activating text messaging. Scoutbook is used to track advancements, contact information for leaders, provide den and pack calendar functions such as announcements and RSVP functions, track adult and leader training, and a myriad of other tasks. More information can be found at This is at no cost to the parent or the scout. Training will be provided by your den leader or a committee member if desired.

How is Pack 728 funded?

Pack 728 is funded primarily through the Cub Scout popcorn sale fundraiser and scouting dues. The popcorn fundraiser starts in August and concludes in early November. Details on the popcorn fundraiser and your scout’s dues are listed further in this guide.  For more information CLICK HERE

What forms and payment are required?

In addition to completing the online registration or paper registration form, pay the appropriate registration fees. All checks are payable to BSA PACK 728. Additionally, the pack requires program dues, which is also prorated through the year. The Boy’s Life Magazine subscription is $12 per year. The subscription is not required but the Scouts really enjoy receiving and reading the magazine. The subscription can be combined with the youth application by checking the box on the application.

Annual Health and Medical Record

For any and all Scouting activities, all participants must complete Part A and Part B. “All participants” includes parents, guardians, siblings, youth, staff, and unit leaders. Though Part C is only required for participation in events lasting longer than 72 hours, all BSA participants are encouraged to complete this Pre-Participation Physical during an annual physical performed by a medical professional. This is an annual requirement and will need to be resubmitted. A FAQ can be found at

What uniforms are required?

Cub Scouts need a field uniform which consists of the Cub Scout shirt with the required patches, appropriate den hat, belt, pants and neckerchief with a slide. All uniform items can be purchased at the Scout Shop. Be sure to as the store personnel for help in selecting the right uniform – they are there to help!

How Can You Help?

The most important help that you, as a parent/adult partner can give your child is to work with them on their Cub Scouting activities and ensure their attendance at den and pack meetings so you can celebrate their achievements. The den and the pack also rely on parent/adult partner participation to run a successful program. Cub Scouting operates through volunteer leadership – we need you! Consider volunteering as a member of the pack leadership team or as a parent/adult partner helper.

Please complete and return the Family Talent Survey Sheet (located in the New Scout Folder) to your child’s den leader or pack leadership. Completing this quick survey is a great way to support your Cub Scout Pack. Everyone has some talent or skill, or could share a resource, that will help in the operation of our pack. Although your help may not be on a full-time basis, whatever you can do will be appreciated.

Your role as a parent/adult partner is the secret of success of the Cub Scouting program!

Financial Information

The annual membership fee is $60 which covers 12 months of membership starting in January 2020. For only $1 a month, $12 for the year, Cub Scouts may subscribe to Boys’ Life magazine. Cost of joining may vary based on the time of year when you join.

Additional Costs