Cub Scout Camping


One of the most popular activities for Cub Scouts is camping. Camping is a great way for kids to learn independence, leadership, teamwork, and responsibility. Family-style camping is an excellent way to introduce young Cub Scouts to the joys of camping. The scouts learn skills that allow them to be stronger and more confident in their abilities and they also learn leadership skills along the way.   The best part is that camping is FUN!!!

Family-style camping is a type of camping where multiple families camp together in one area. This type of camping is perfect for Cub Scouts because it allows them to learn important skills while also bonding with their families and other families in the pack.

All youth are required to have a family member to camp with on pack camping trips.

Here are some of the benefits of family-style Cub Scout camping:

1. Building relationships: Family-style camping allows Cub Scouts to build relationships with their families and other families in the pack. They can bond over campfires, meals, and other activities. This is an excellent way to build a sense of community within the pack.

2. Sharing responsibilities: Family-style camping requires everyone to pitch in and help. Cub Scouts can learn important life skills by helping with tasks such as setting up tents, cooking meals, and cleaning up the campsite. This also teaches them about responsibility and teamwork.

3. Learning from others: Family-style camping provides an opportunity for Cub Scouts to learn from other families. They can observe how other families set up their tents, prepare meals, and organize their campsites. This can be a valuable learning experience for young Cub Scouts.

4. Adventure: Family-style camping provides an opportunity for Cub Scouts to explore the outdoors and experience new adventures. They can go on hikes, learn about nature, and participate in other fun outdoor activities.

5. Developing independence: Family-style camping allows Cub Scouts to develop independence by learning to take care of themselves and their belongings. They can learn to set up their own tents, cook their own meals, and take care of their personal hygiene.

Family-style Cub Scout camping is a great way to introduce young Cub Scouts to the joys of camping. It provides them with an opportunity to build relationships, share responsibilities, learn from others, experience adventure, and develop independence. It is an excellent way for Cub Scouts to learn important life skills while also having fun with their families and other families in the pack.

Before the first camping trip, fill out the BSA Annual Medical Form.  

Parts A & B are required to be turned in before your first camping trip with a copy of your insurance card and shot record.  The medical forms are required to be completed and updated annually.

When packing for camp, we have prepared some helpful checklists to help you "Be Prepared."   

Make sure that you are packing WITH your so eventually, they can learn what do for themselves!

>>> Normal Weekend Camping Checklist

>>> Cold Weather Camping Checklist

Go to Walmart, Academy, Cabellas/Bass Pro, or Dicks Sporting Goods to buy your camping gear if you do not have it already.   

Please note the following items are NOT allowed at camp.

x Cell phones belonging to youth (Only adults are allowed to have phones or electronics during camp, but are expected to participate in activities with scouts not playing on phones)

x Electronic games or other devices (ie Switch or other electronic games) - No electronics at camp, but they can be used while traveling. 

x Music players or speakers playing music in camp. (Respect everyone’s shared air-space and enjoy nature!)

x Collections or Possessions of Value

x Valuables

x Fireworks

x Firearms (leave them locked in your car or best at home)

x Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs at Scouting events

x No smoking or vaping in cub scout camp vicinity or activities. Smoking should be totally out of sight from youth members.

x Sheath knife or other weapons

x No Pets (leave all pets at home)