Why sell popcorn?

Simple: you can make a LOT of money for your unit and it fits in well with the aims of the BSA.

How does the Scout Popcorn fundraiser fit the mission and aims of the BSA? When we conduct a Unit-Money Earning Project it is important that we keep the values of Scouting in mind. One of the goals of Scouting is to teach a Scout to become self-reliant and to earn his own way. Through a proper money-earning project, leaders have the opportunity to show Scouts how they, through their individual and combined efforts, can earn all the money it takes to operate their pack, troop, team or crew for the entire year. The only limiting factor is their level of participation.

Many times, we hear of potential money-earning projects that rely heavily on the leaders or parents and very little on the Scouts. Other times we hear of projects that rely on the good name of Scouting to promote a commercial project or service. Many times, "the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time" is a signal that it MAY not be the best fit for Scouting--if we're going to view it as another opportunity to instill values in the young people we serve.

A Scout is Thrifty

We can teach a Scout: By my efforts and those of my fellow Scouts, my unit gets the money it needs for badges and other supplies for my program. Not only does the unit benefit, but I can earn money for camp fees, Scouting supplies, etc. The harder I work, the more I earn. If it is important enough for us to have it, it is worth our effort to earn the money to buy it.

Specific 2019 Popcorn Sales Information

Popcorn Kernels

Booth sales are being managed in the Trails End system now. Register your Scout per the instructions below then click on the "Storefront" section in the Trails End App or on the web at https://www.trails-end.com/login

Registration Instructions For Boys choose > "BT Troop 728"

Weekly Tip

There is not a way to mark an order as unpaid, the app assumes payment at the time the order is taken. This is a feature they are looking at adding in the future. Use paper order form if needed.

https://youtu.be/DPdNhIZLb48 For a detailed look into taking an order, please check out the video.

  • 0:00 – How to Take a Wagon Sale

  • 1:56 – How to View Wagon Orders

  • 3:05 – How to Sign up for Storefronts

  • 4:51 – How Storefront Sales Work

  • 7:00 – How to Setup & Share Your Online Page

  • 8:10 – How to Set a Goal & Redeem Trail’s End Rewards

Unit commissions:

  • 32% face-to-face sales

  • 32% donations

  • 30% online sales, direct free shipping.

  • Credit card processing free through Trail’s End app.

9/7 Initial pick-up for Storefront

Replenishment orders due every Monday thereafter. Pick-up order every Thursday.

**Tip: Amazon has the Square reader for about $6. Receive $10 back when you activate your Square account or sign in for $10 redemption, code provided. Not a must but it will make credit card processing easier. Great investment (and make ~$3 LOL) for a device you could use year after year for popcorn sales, etc. No need to register with Square to use the reader on the Trail’s End app. I will provide one for Storefront sales.